Sanders Shiers

A view of the harbour with a loaded spear gun

Independent CGI specialists located within the enviable Maritime House in Falmouth, Cornwall. Sanders Shiers have been on the crux of either changing or buying out their name for a few years.

The first batch of concepts were aimed at providing an updated logotype based on the use of a serif based font and included an "sS" ligature if it was presented in long format.

The graphic was based on the idea of working within a 3D space, a link to the companies discipline while also using the space to shape a monogram of the companies initials.

From the sketchbook:

Made in Scotland

Bred in Wales, educated in Cornwall and working in England. Living among the cafés, coffee shops and clichés of Christchurch. Plumen light bulbs dangle in pendants above the dining room table, Bertoia diamond chairs are draped in fur throws and a rosewood Eames lounger is home to an owl shaped cushion with button eyes. I’ve operated under the guise of a designer since 2008, dabbling in the ink, pixels and vectors of brand and building between the parentheses of web development.

Download Portfolio [PDF]

For those of you who prefer picture books and colouring outside the lines.

Download Something Sensible [PDF]

For the more discerning connoisseur who can spell connoisseur without a google search.