Limited Space

Premium Out-of-home Media Owners

Limited Space (logo originally created by my predecessor at Make Studio) was expanding into a media giant, buying up several other companies and assimilating them under their name. We were originally tasked with creating a single identity for their Media Group but developed one which accounted for everything.

Each symbol is made from a grid based on the bars on either end of the LS logo. The symbols are graphic letter-forms from the first initial of each company. So outdoor was O, solutions S and so on. Part of the brief was to allow for an identity which compensated for the addition of further companies.

From the sketchbook:

I didn’t want to be quite so obvious or simple with some of the letter-forms created with the bars. Instead looking for something iconic but representative of the letter. During early stages there had been a few circles, hexagons and others shapes which led to the a discovery of a very simple tie-fighter illustration.

As the grid became more defined, it was interesting to see how many forms in some cases could be created. Further exploration saw a wealth of alternate forms and structures including a sort of inverted version of the bar version which created a very different quality - almost utilitarian.

With the last few sketches I had uncovered a structure used as a basis for creating a font, this formed the grid for an alternative execution to the identity. My aim with this was to create a series of letter-forms that didn’t so obviously resemble their recognised form but borrowed elements from them.

Made in Scotland

Bred in Wales, educated in Cornwall and working in England. Living among the cafés, coffee shops and clichés of Christchurch. Plumen light bulbs dangle in pendants above the dining room table, Bertoia diamond chairs are draped in fur throws and a rosewood Eames lounger is home to an owl shaped cushion with button eyes. I’ve operated under the guise of a designer since 2008, dabbling in the ink, pixels and vectors of brand and building between the parentheses of web development.

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